Adult Large Bottom-half Sex Doll (Skirt)

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$399.00 $120.00

Half Bottom Silicon Skirt Doll for real-life masturbation and pleasure. High Quality 1:1 doll bottom for the ultimate penetrative experience.



Adult Large Bottom-half Sex Doll (Skirt)

*NOTE: This is not those Qoo10 or cheap toxic sex dolls from China that you can compare with. This bottom-half Sex Doll is of premium grade silicon quality. No plasticky smell or toxic materials. Feels absolutely soft like real skin and as tempting as having sex with a real girl.

Bottom-half Sex Doll best used for simulated sex in a doggy style position.

Adult [1:1] Large Half-Bottom Sex Doll (Jeans) Anal and Vagina in Doggy Style for your most intimate private masturbation moments.

Keeping a life sized-silicon doll can be hard but not with this. This is easy to keep and maintain. Using high-quality silicon for manufacture, ensure lasting durable penetration with these holes while you keep your needs satisfied.

Great for personal use or as novelty gag gift. Perfect for singles or the busy professionals just trying to get their needs filled.

Doll Details:

  1. Type: Silicon Doll.
  2. Attire: Skirt.
  3. Penetration style: Doggy.
  4. Available penetrations: Vagina, Anal.

3 reviews for Adult Large Bottom-half Sex Doll (Skirt)

  1. kai

    very lovely butt. nice holes. real-like skin. nice to fuck. not like the cheapo dolls on qoo10.

  2. Jun Kai

    no smell. very good item. makes you want to keep fucking. not 1:1 size but still good for fuck.

  3. Adams

    Very high quliaty. Good make. enjoyed.

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