Original Connubial Love Potion Fragrance

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Original Connubial Love Attraction Potion for the attracting the opposite sex. Increase your chances with the opposite sex and find new found confidence with your love life today!


Original Connubial Love Potion Fragrance

Connubial Love Potion Fragrance for opposite gender attraction.

If sex has a language, this is it. Simply spray a little connubial pheromone spray and let the smell go to work. A small tinge of sweetness will crack even the hardest of labia or the most insensitive of dicks. Make women die over your new fragrance. Pheromone sprays help to enhance and amplify your male/female natural pheromones to better attract the opposite gender.

Find yourself with new found confidence while you are out there with the opposite gender and hook up with that lovely or hunky opposite gender today.

Tempt your other half with this mesmerizing smell and enjoy sex like never before.

Apply sparingly onto the neck area and sensitive spots and enjoy the freshness of sex all over again in the comfort of your bedroom.

Nice sleek packaging and bottled for all genders.

Hunk male fragrance and sweet seductive smell for the ladies. Mix fragrance for unisex.

Get your bottled sex today!

1 review for Original Connubial Love Potion Fragrance

  1. Han

    Very nice fragrance. Hope it works.

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